From Cape Town to living the High Life in Italy’s Finest Cities

Ian, the seasoned tour operator known for his Cape Point tours, wine tasting and wildlife Safaris in Cape Town, stunned his clients and Facebook followers with an unexpected twist.

Taking a 2-week break from his bustling business, he made the decision to become a tourist himself, this time in Italy’s finest cities. Swapping his Safari gear for a camera and a guidebook, Ian embarked on a journey that would put him in the tourist seat, for a change!

From gondola rides in Venice to savoring authentic gelato in Florence, Ian embraced the high life in Italy’s finest cities. Surrounded by opulent architecture, treating his girlfriend to exquisite cuisine, and world-class art, he indulged in each new experience, from hiking, to enjoying the allure of ancient ruins, traditional markets and picturesque coastlines in Cinque Terra and Portofino – and enjoyed a relaxing time sipping the local wines with Chantelle on the balcony of their Airbnb. The transition to the high life in Italy was a seamless one for Ian, whose knack for adventure and luxury blended effortlessly in the midst of Italy’s finest cities.

Ian’s journey as a tourist not only offers him personal growth but also strengthens his connection with his clients around the world. By walking in the shoes of a tourist, Ian gains a deeper understanding of their expectations, desires, and joys when exploring new destinations. This annual firsthand experience of different destinations allows Ian to tailor his tours with a fresh perspective and a renewed sense of empathy for his clients’ visits to Cape Town and the special private tours he creates for each one of them.